Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Flydusense V2

Paul from sent my a new Version of his Flydusense.

This board is round, so it can be mounted in different directions (good for Quad+ pilots) and it has inbuilt vibration dampeners.
A connection for every kind of IMU is onboard plus a voltage divider a LLC and a LED driver.

I started wiring it up and the result can be seen below

Flydusense V2 out of the box

Flydusense V2 with genuine WMP and a Bosch BMA020


  1. woow, looks pretty nice.
    please tell me, will this board work (after connecting BMP085, HMC5883L on Flydusense & BMA020 and WMP ) like the ALL IN ONE from CSG ( ?
    Will i need 3.3V , or are the voltage dividing resistors included ?
    Thanks :-)

    [I know, that this might be answered by PAUL from, but i think, here may be a discussion possible]

  2. I thought about buying this thing too but I already ordered the WMP and Flydusense - next Time I will order one of them.
    Considering it is only a breakout board with four sensors on it it should be working exactly like you use the sensors each n their own breakout board.

    You should give it a try - the seller is very nice - I bought my Baro and mag from him.