Thursday, September 29, 2011

nDROiiD Back in the Air

Today I finished the works on the rebuild.

I finally installed the barometric sensor and the magnetometer.

Supersmall baro and mag

Sensors installaed on the back of the flydusense V2 by Paul Bake from

These Units work wonderfully and are so small, I don't have a problem hiding them beneath the flydusense.
It was a bit tricky to reprogram the magnetometer reading since it was upside down.
I found the perfect parameters for the baro by accident - It is hovering in place perfectly.

Nearly perfect parameters for my QuadX
Additionally, I added a GSM GPS tracker - this is quite an interesting gizmo - it can be programmed do sen my it's coordinates regularly per SMS or I can track it via GPRS.

TK02 GSM GPS Tracker

I choose the option to call it with my android phone and a couple of seconds later I get a SMS with GPS Date of it's current location.
With this data and the GPS in my phone I can find the copter easily,  I did some tests today and the result is promising - I need to get used to the unit though. I will do some hide and seek field testing tomorrow.

Next Step: Install a better hood for the copter.



  1. Hi,

    kannst du mir evtl. kurz erklären wie du die Parameter fürs Magnetometer eingestellt hast?


  2. Hi,
    Ich meinte eher die geschicht das des mag "falschherum" angebracht ist. Musste ich auch so machen. :-)

  3. Hm schwer zu erklaeren. Du musst auf die achsen schauen. Bei mir wurde x zu -y und y zu -x z ist so geblieben, dann ging es. Aber norden ist noch falsch also stimmt es wohl nicht ;-).