Thursday, September 20, 2012

Current Sensor

I got my ACS758 current sensor today

I will install it at the powerline between my Lipo and my Power distropution, I will be able to measure the current that is coming out of the battery pack and in combination of the voltage over time, I will be able to calculate the mAh that I have used out of the Lipo and can save the Lipos more precisely.

Turnigy 9X mod

I finally bought a Turnigy 9X.

Sadly the vendor on eBay ripped me off and I had to repair the TX, he reverses the voltage and fried a lot of the circuits. I replaced som voltage regulators and the TX is good to go now.

I immediately flashed the TX with er9X custom firmware and now I have a perfect TX for my nDROiiD.
I use it with my TR6A V1 which provides a SumPPM sadly there are only 6 channels on the RX but it will do the trick for now. I will try to get a sumppm encoder to use all 8 channels that are available on the TX.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Vacation in Danmark

I am back from my windsurf and family vacation in Hvide Sande, Danmark. I took nDROiiD with meh and made some Spectacular aerial photos in superwindy conditions. The copter was very flyable and stable despite of the wind. I am very satisfied right now. It were also my first flights with my new tx: Turnigy 9X with er9x mod.