Friday, August 19, 2011

Baro, bluetooth and compass installed

A few days ago´Stefan Watterott deliverd my 3 new goodies for nDROiiD.

BMP085 barometric sensor on breakout board
Triple Axis magnetometer HMC5883L on breakout board
Sparkfun Bluetooth mate Silver

After som thinking about installation and some trouble with WinXP. I got it all set up.

I mapped Aux2 to the magnetomeer and to the baro.
If I activate the compass the current heading is stored and the copter tries to hold the heading untilI do some yaw action again.
The baro is enabling the copter to hold it's altitude, if I climb up to the desired height, I i switch the button and it is hoklding height until I move the trotthle out of a deadband. (the deadband is for emergency purpose).

The baro and the compass already hooked up and in a shrinking tube on the centerplate

The MultiWii GUI showing the new sensors in action

The bluetooth mate is a very handy fella, not only can i connect the copter to my PC for setting up parameters or transferring new firmware, I can connect it to my Motorla Droid or to my Archos Pad to change parameters on the fly while in the field or seeing flight data whily flying.

My Droid is connected to the nDROiiD and is showing PID params

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