Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rebuilding nearly finished

Hi there,

Paul from was so kind to send me a new Flyduino 2.1 for testing and I just soldered the pins onto the board and transferred the firmware, I only used the needed pins now and left the unused pins empty.
Partly assembled Flyduino

I also had some problems fitting my vibration dampeners to the Flydusense v2 while using the inbuilt dampeners. This nearly loose dampeners were the reason that my boards got separated from the copter after the crash because the threads were to short to get a good grip at the bolts..

I noticed that the bolts Paul sells in his shop fit exactly into the big holes the Flydusense v2 has.
Now the Flydusense is dampened and secured.

Perfect fitting

So be shure to head over to to order the boltes and the Flydusense ;-)

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