Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Mail man was there: A working FlyduGPS

Today, I received a new Shipment from my sponsor  www.flyduino.com.

Two friends of mine started building their quadrocopters and use Paul's complete quadrocopter frame with MWC board and black flydumini.

I got some new reenforced 10" props and new brand new GPS bob.

GPS Bob kit as delivered by flyduino with my FMP04

After 10 minutes of soldering I had everything onboard, including the FMP04 and the Bob was ready to go:

ready FlyduGPS

Just a little adjustment in the multiwii code and I got a tight satellite fix inside of my living room near the window:
FlyduGPS in comparison to a Get em... bob I am currently testing

Satellite fix after just a few seconds

working MultiWii GPS code

detailed comparisons and testing coming soon...

Oh by the way: You should really buy the new 10" props from Flyduino they have improved a lot and the mounting is perfect now, I can hardly tell the difference to Mikrokopter props

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