Wednesday, November 2, 2011

FPV Action, GPS and axes

some cool FPV Videos .... I am getting the hang of it.

I am optimizing the software right now. There were some very bad drift issues - so I think about replacing my BMA020 with another accelerometer.

I have a problem with the Mag, the motor currents distort the mag readings severely.


Today I got a GPS Bob made by aBUGSworstNightmare from Paul from for testing purposes.
After some time of reading and understanding the pins I now have a working GPS onboard.
I am looking forward to try position hold and coming home functions!!!

Working satellite fix on the Copter 
a GPS bob
Additionally I ordered a FMP04 GPS Chip from Kinderkram to fit it into Flyduino's upcoming GPS Bob.

FMP04 GPS Chip

Last week I made some custom motor axis out of spring steel - no more bent axes!

selmade spring steel axes

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  1. flippin heck :D only this morning i was saying to a guy that he would need different hardware/software for gps now im gonna have to go edit my post lol great effort bruv ;)