Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I would like to introduce and thank my sponsor!

Paul from is supplying me with all the stuff I need to get airborne.
He also delivers the newest protoypes for my testing purposes - like the GPS bob or the new Flyduino v2.1.

He developed the famous Flyduino controller which is powering many many multicopters right now. Also he developed several boards and bobs and offers a lot of RC products for reasonable prices.
The quality of his products is outstanding and the service is great. He delivers fast and reliable and is offering great support. I can recommend this shop and his products.

My nDROiiD quadrocopter is using the following Flyduino products:

  • Flyduino v2.1 flight controller
  • Flydusense v2 Sensor Board
  • Flydubution Power distribution board.
  • Green and orange 8" and 10" props
  • GPS Bob prototype
  • Numerous plugs, pins, bolts and a Bosch BMA020 Accelerometer bought at

Thank you Paul!!!

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