Monday, December 26, 2011

Some minor updates: Gyro Calibration / new GoPro Case

Due to the rainy and windy weather right now, there is not much time to fly and have fun.
I made some short flights in the past days but nopthing serious.

I had some pretty rough days in december. I was pretty occupied with my Taekwon-Do club and hat not much time for the ncopters.

But I managed to do some software tweaks:

I finished and perfected the acc autocalibration and I finally managed to restart the gyro calibration routine at startup if the copter has been moved durin calibration. Pretty handy...

Second small projekt was the revision of my fpv gear. I was unhappy with the bold camerahousing and decided to spend some money for the original GoPro skeleton case, this case is lighter and has the opprtunity to connect the video out plugs while the camera is in the case. Abolutely worth the money.
This way the camera is protecteds way better than beforce. Only drawback: The camera has to be mounted upside down but the gopro is capable of rotating the image live so I still can do fpv and all recordings are rotated too. *sigh*
Especially the lens is now secure. And besto of all it looks way sleeker now.

GoPro HD in skeleton case mounten on nDROiiD 2

My FPV deck is now complete. You can attach it in 20 secondes and convert an action Quad to a fpv gear in seconds.


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